Professional Hook Tying Service

Many anglers find they do not have the time or just find it cumbersome, so why not have your hooklengths tied by me. I can tie from 2" upwards.

All hooks tied to less than 12” will be boxed in the GURU rig cases supplied. All hooks over this requirement will be spooled on to the GURU spools. I will put 10 hook lengths on each peg into the Guru Rig box. 8 hook lengths will be put onto each of the Guru Rig spools.

Each box/spool is labelled using a laminated print, which is weatherproof.

All hook tying is done on the ZT Pro & also incorporates hairs to spade end hooks.


Spade Ends

Spade End Hook Tying Service More Information

Hair Rigs

Hair Rig Hook Tying Service More Information

Minimum quantity for all orders is 60 hooklengths.

I stock the following hooks & lines: If you require any other that are not listed below, let me know on your order enquiry and i will get them into stock.

HOOKS: Guru, Kamasan, Preston & Drennan

LINE: Guru N-gauge, Preston Reflo, Drennan Supplex, Guru Pure Flurocarbon & Drennan

Hair Rig Hook Tying Service